Welcome, Hawkblogger Readers

Welcome, Hawkblogger Readers

  • Rood Team
  • 08/5/21

Hello, Seahawks Fans, thanks for checking us out. Rood Team have been sponsoring Hawkblogger since day one and are happy to be able to continue to support his questionable viewpoints on all things Seahawks throughout the season. More importantly, we believe Ben's Fund is a great cause and are extremely grateful to be able to support their efforts by donating a portion of every commission we earn!

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About Us:  We live in West Seattle with our children, Henry, 5, and Gemma, 3. We also love our two dogs, Marshawn and Chancellor, and do our best to put on a fantastic tailgate every home game (and some away games...) We theme our gameday menus around the city or region from which our weekly opponent hails, whether it's Rams game tacos, beignets and shrimp po boys for the Saints, Nashville hot chicken for the Titans or sourdough and seafood stew for the 49ers, we're in. Feel free to reach out to us if you're going to a game and swing by our tailgate if you need a pre-game tune up spot!

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Chris and Sarah have a combined 18 years of real estate experience in the greater Seattle area, with a strong client relationship focus and naturally social personalities.